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Take a pinch of Otis Redding, mix it with a little John Hiatt, give it the voice of James Brown and the soul and sensibility of Van Morrison and you get damn close to the Missiles of October! The Missiles are a dynamic source of delight for fans, music critics and music industry icons whenever and wherever they perform.

Even after producing Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin and many others, Jimmy Johnson of Muscle Shoals Studios exclaims: "They are the best act I've seen in ten years!" Poul Finn Pedersen's poignant and creative writing is exceeded only by a vocal execution, which, in Johnson's view, is " good as it gets!"

Mike Boehm, music critic for The Los Angeles Times is a member of their growing collection of highly impressed admirers and voted their first album "Tropic of Soulfolk" as the number one release of 1997.

Their second release, "Hope" appeared in 2000 and confirmed the status of The Missiles of October as Orange County's most talented maverick band.

Now, indie-label Tres Pescadores Records presents the Missiles in their finest form - live in front of their adoring fans at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Guitarist Richard Bredice combines sweetness and raunch in equal doses. The solid rhythm section of Jimmy Perez on bass and Frank Cotinola on drums creates a perfect blend of sound in a melting pot of soul, rock, blues and folk. With their solid playing and amazing harmonies, The Missiles of October have been dazzling audiences at The Belly Up Café, The House of Blues, The Marine Room in Laguna Beach and wherever they play throughout the U.S. and United Kingdom.

the missiles of october Live

poul finn pedersen
richard bredice
jimmy perez
frank cotinola
missiles of october LIVE

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tracks include:

• Late at Night
• Daddy's Little Pumpkin
• Help Me
• Radio Girl
• Everything Looks Alright to Me
• Ball and Chain
• Ya Ya
• Three Hundred Pounds of Joy
• Dark Into Light
• Look at Daddy Run
• Have You Ever Loved a Woman

poul finn pedersen
richard bredice
jimmy perez
frank cotinola

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tracks include:

• paper glider
• soul mate
• true is truer
• you're the only one
• oh yeah
• dark into light
the boys (MP3)
• i'm so tired
hope (MP3)
• girl song #3,461
• hole in the wall

poul finn pedersen
bob hawkins
jimmy perez
frank cotinola
tropic of soulfolk

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tracks include:

• come straight back home
lonnie (MP3)
• look at daddy run
back to the basics (MP3)
• waiting to go back home
• hard workin'
• leavin' song part II
• one minute to six
• everything looks alright to me
• hip hop bob

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